June 13, 2019

Public Opinions on Pharmacare

"Currently, the most strongly supported strategic improvement target among the public and professional caregivers is enhanced availability of less expensive prescription medications. With regard to practical implementation of this strategy, the public's (39%) and healthcare professionals' (39–54%) preference was institution of a nation-wide pharmacare plan, funded by a federal tax."

- Read about Healthcare in Canada: Choices Going Forward from authors Terrence Montague, Bonnie Cochrane, Amédé Gogovor, John Aylen, Lesli Martin and Joanna Nemis-White. Healthcare Quarterly.

Healthcare’s Digital Future

Watch Humber River Hospital CEO Barb Collins at Breakfast with the Chiefs as she showcases how a digital future can create a better tomorrow in Healthcare.



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Healthcare Policy Healthcare Policy / Politiques de Santé
Vol. 11 No. 3, 2016



Jun 13, 2019 Health & Healthcare News
The Ford government in Ontario spent its first year slashing. Here’s who got burned

2019-06-13 from In the year since it came to power, Premier Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative government has made a sweeping array of funding cuts to Ontario services, programs, [...]

Jun 13, 2019 Health & Healthcare News
Impeccable timing turns the fall election into a referendum on pharmacare

2019-06-13 from  Eric Hoskins says the time is right for Canada to create a universal pharmacare system. The timing of his report calling on the federal government to finally do that mig [...]

Jun 13, 2019 Health & Healthcare News
Putting values into practice on pharmacare will come at a cost: André Picard

2019-06-13 from  Give Dr. Eric Hoskins credit: He has articulated, with passion and reason, the need to ensure everyone has access to essential prescription drugs, regardless [...]

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Nursing Leadership
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Background: With the increasing development and integration of information and communication technology (ICT) into hospitals, there remains a lack of understanding of the impact of these technologies on the hospital's largest core users: nurses. Humber River Hospital (HRH), one of the first hospitals to completely integrate technology across all hospital systems and workflows, has sought to understand how ICTs have transformed the clinical working environment. Objective: The aim of the study wa [...]



Manager Emergency Department
Humber River Hospital, Toronto, ON
St. Mary's General Hospital, Kitchener, ON
Director, Regional Cardiac Care Program
Southlake Regional Health Centre, Newmarket, ON
Director, People Strategy
Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital, Orillia, ON
Speech Language Pathologist
Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority, Inuvik, NT
President & Chief Executive Officer
Nova Scotia Health Authority, Halifax, NS
Manager, Talent Acquisition
William Osler Health System, Brampton, ON
Senior Manager, Change Management
William Osler Health System, Brampton, ON
Chief Executive Officer
John McGivney Children’s Centre, Windsor, ON
Health Promoter, Supervised Consumption Services (SCS)
Parkdale Queen West Community Health Centres, Toronto, ON