November 26, 2021

Healthcare Supply Chain Strategies and Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Challenges

"Our challenge now is that everybody is so tired, your resiliency has been beaten down and you're challenged as a leader to keep up your energy, keep your teams motivated and be an authentic leader."

Much of the criticism stemmed from a belief that leadership was withholding information. To counteract this, leaders shared information they had access to and clearly identified what was known and what was not.

Full paper in Healthcare Quarterly 

Longwoods Radio

Silver Linings: A Year of Lessons in Innovating through Inclusion & Collaboration with Medtronic

Longwoods Breakfast Series, October 14, 2021 with Geoff Martha, Chairman and CEO, Medtronic, Neil Fraser, President, Medtronic Canada & Regional Vice-President - Canada, Medtronic PLC and Moderated by Sarah Downey, President and CEO, Michael Garron Hospital.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone – from governments, scientists, health systems, and the private sector – to work differently, almost overnight. The result was process and technology innovation deployment at unprecedented speeds.



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World AIDS Day 2021 - Step up, be bold, end AIDS, end inequalities and end pandemics

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World Health Assembly agrees to launch process to develop historic global accord on pandemic prevention, preparedness and response

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Interim statement from WHO on COVID-19 vaccination for children and adolescents

29 November 2021  Background  Although the majority of COVID-19 vaccines are only approved for use in adults aged 18 years and above, an increasing number of vaccines [...]

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The COVID-19 pandemic exposed primary care (PC), and policies aimed at integrating it into provincial health systems, to a "shock test." This paper draws on documentary analysis and qualitative interviews with PC and health system stakeholders to examine shifts in Alberta's pre-pandemic PC integration model during the first nine months of the pandemic. We begin with an account of three elements of the province's pre-pandemic model: finance, health authority activity and community activ [...]