November 08, 2019

What Nursing Leaders Need to Know about Artificial Intelligence by Tracie L. Risling and Cydney Low

This article includes the results of a scoping review on the use of AI in healthcare delivery, with a particular focus on aspects of care essential in nursing practice, including systems management and medication administration. The review was conducted using an updated Arskey and O'Malley framework, and the findings are reported in alignment with key nursing leadership functions outlined by the Canadian Nurses Association

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Thursday, December 05, 2019  - Toronto, ON Breakfast with the Chiefs

Beyond Protection: How the CMPA is Partnering to Advance Safe Medical Care

Dr. Hartley Stern, Executive Director and CEO, Canadian Medical Protective Association

Stayed Tuned for more Breakfast with the Chiefs:

  • Franklin Holtforster, CEO, Colliers International
  • Chris Power, CEO, CPSI
  • Susan Fitzpatrick, Interim CEO, Ontario Health
  • Jennifer Zelmer, President and CEO, CFHI
  • Shirlee Sharkey, President and CEO, SE Health
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Editors Picks

Canada's high level of spending on healthcare and lagging performance are leading policy makers and system managers to explore the concept of value. The concept, applied to healthcare, is appearing in medical media and policy documents with increasing frequency and is being used to describe patients' outcomes vis-à-vis the costs of achieving the outcomes. A uniquely Canadian interpretation of value is needed that recognizes that patients', providers' and society's perspectives of the valu [...]



President and Chief Executive Officer
Catholic Health Alliance of Canada, Ottawa, ON
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, Hamilton, ON
Executive Director, Redevelopment and Facility Management Services
Baycrest Health Sciences, Toronto, ON
Vice President, Child Development and Community Services
Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), Ottawa, ON
Occupational Therapist
Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority, Yellowknife, NT
Autism Spectrum Disorder Consultant: Speech Language Pathology
Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority, Yellowknife, NT
President & Chief Executive Officer
William Osler Health System, Brampton, ON
Chief Executive Officer
Blanche River Health, Kirkland Lake, ON
Territorial Manager, Midwifery
Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority, Yellowknife, NT
Quality Improvement Analyst
Ontario College of Pharmacists, Toronto, ON