Scaling Up: Danielle Martin at TEDxStouffville

Danielle Martin, MD, Vice-President, Medical Affairs and Health System Solutions, Women’s College Hospital

Danielle has established herself as a leader in the debate over the future of Canada’s healthcare system. She is Chair of Canadian Doctors for Medicare, was a member of the Health Council of Canada and is a recipient of the Canadian Medical Association Award for Young Leaders.

Danielle honed her public speaking skills while on the debating team at McGill University, where she earned a Baccalaureate degree in Science. From there, she secured a job at Queen’s Park as an assistant to Liberal Health Critic Gerard Kennedy, before enrolling in medical school at the University of Western Ontario. After medical school, she worked for five years as a family doctor in underserved areas in northern Ontario.

Danielle has recently completed a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of Toronto. 

Video Runtime: 15:46