7 tips to beat the 'Blue Monday' blues



As the holiday cheer wears off, bills arrive and reality sets in, it’s common to feel a little gloomy this time of the year. To help you beat the "Blue Monday" blues, happiness researcher Gillian Mandich shares some tips on how to become happier in 2017. 

Mandich explained that we often think we have to add things or do certain things in order to be happier. Although that can be a significant element to the equation, she said subtracting negative thoughts can be just as important.

“So taking time to let go of grudges, to let go of that pain or anger or frustration towards people or situations,” Mandich told CTV’s Your Morning. “That can leave room for more positive emotions like happiness.”

Mandich said ridding yourself of that extra emotional baggage can make you feel freer, lighter and happier overall.

Fake it ‘till you make it:

From her time studying the common traits of happy people, Mandich has learned that many of them make a habit of smiling, even if they’re not actually feeling very positive in that exact moment. She explained that, when the muscles used for smiling are fired up, it signals to the rest of the body that we are happy.

“On a physiological level, what that does is it starts to change the chemistry of your body to be happier,” Mandich said.

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