HealthcarePapers 11(2) June 2011 : 31-37.doi:10.12927/hcpap.2011.22436

It's a Matter of Values: Partnership for Innovative Change

Carol Herbert and Allan Best


We need new ways of thinking and of working in order to accommodate the complexity of the challenges in and urgent need for health system innovation and change. Solution seeking must begin with the convergence of two driving imperatives: the need to ground partnership in shared values and the need for systems thinking. The authors see three core value perspectives as central to partnerships for change: a patient- and family-centred social responsibility and equity paradigm, a commitment to changing outcomes and an evidence-informed strategy that integrates needs for research and knowledge translation. These imperatives can be expressed as a simple value stream: (1) articulate the shared values foundation of key partners; (2) express a common vision for changes needed; (3) develop a governance framework articulating roles, accountability and decision-making; (4) collaborate on an integrated intervention plan that takes complexity into account; and (5) ensure continuous improvement based on measured outcomes.



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