Healthcare Policy

Healthcare Policy 16(2) November 2020 : 25-40.doi:10.12927/hcpol.2020.26355
Research Paper

Transitions in Labour Force Participation over the Palliative Care Trajectory

Denise Guerriere, Amna Husain, Denise Marshall, Brandon Zagorski, Julia Kennedy and Peter C. Coyte


Background: Home-based palliative programs rely on family caregivers, who often miss time from employment. This article identified changes in caregivers' labour force participation over the palliative trajectory.

Methods: Family caregivers (n = 262) were interviewed biweekly to measure transitions across four employment categories.

Results: More than half of the caregivers had one employment transition and 29% had three or more. The highest proportion of transitions occurred for caregivers who were employed part-time.

Interpretation: Understanding these transitions is critical to the development of strategies tailored to caregivers to contain labour force losses and to support caregivers during a time of high caregiving demands.



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